A house is not a home unless it contains FOOD and FIRE for the mind as well as the body.
- Benjamin Franklin



St. Louis Ribs

Our St. Louis-cut spare ribs are generously seasoned with our house rib rub, then smoked for up to five hours. You can order your ribs either wet or dry (finished with our Kansas City sauce, or grilled then finished with additional rib rub). Our ribs are the best around!


Hand-Pulled Pork

We rub our pork shoulder (or Boston butt) with our house rub, and cook it for up to 14 hours. The result: tender, juicy smoked pork that we pull by hand before serving. Try this with any of our house-made sauces, or enjoy the subtle, smoky taste as-is!


Texas-Style Brisket

Texas BBQ is all about the beef brisket. We use the whole brisket (flat and point) and cook it “low and slow” for up to 16 hours. Keeping a bit of the fat cap intact, we use our special brisket rub and serve it sliced thin with just a touch of our Texas BBQ sauce.


Carolina Smoked Chicken

Our ½ chickens are dry-rubbed with a special combination of spices, then allowed to marinate for several hours. It is then gently smoked and served up! Note: properly smoked chicken takes on a pinkish color as it cooks. This is a natural part of the cooking process.


Smoked Turkey

We start by brining a bone-in turkey breast, and then we marinate it overnight with a tangy Bourbon wet rub. After being gently smoked for several hours, it is hand-carved to order. Our turkey is subtly-smoked, juicy, and tender.