Fresh Craft Beer in Moosic Pennsylvania at Food & Fire

Food & Fire is the best restaurant that offers world-class, freshly brewed craft beer in Moosic Pennsylvania.  We believe that great BBQ and beer brings people together, and hence, you will find a range of choices in both categories at our restaurant in Moosic Pennsylvania.

Craft beers are our speciality, and therefore, we are hosting over 48 craft beers in Moosic Pennsylvania on tap to ensure you get the finest taste and quality. We have custom-made equipment including two smokers and our restaurant features murals and artwork from NEPA artists.

Whether you want to end your day with an ice-cold Corona or celebrate a special occasion with a bourbon barrel-aged stout, we have big commercial brewery beers to meet your purpose.  At Food & Fire, we love using our beery tastebuds to hunt out the best craft beers for you from artisan breweries all over the world.

With a stock of delicious craft beers in Moosic Pennsylvania to choose from, our restaurant houses everything from popular Belgian beers to real ales or wheat beers, all made with a passion and quality that you will not find anywhere else.

What We Offer

At Food and Fire, we offer an array of crafts beers in Moosic Pennsylvania. Some of them are below:

Seasonal Brews

You will find great options in our seasonal brews category at Food & Fire,  prepared with season fruits such as pumpkin, strawberry, etc.

  • Waffle sauce Maple Pecan Imperial Brown Ale
  • Cold press Coffee Pumking
  • The Fear (Nitro)
  • Dallas Sucks
  • Nosferatu
  • Oktoberfest

Fruity and Refreshing

  • Melon Cart
  • Belgian White

Hard Ciders

  • Crafty Cranberry Cider
  • Sidro Cider


  • 90 Minutes IPA
  • HopFish India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Red Fish Red Ale
  • Micro Manager IPA
  • Wolf Pup Session IPA
  • Petal Pusher IPA
  • VT IPA
  • Opposite reaction IPA
  • Full Stack IPA
  • Help1 On the Way! IPA
  • Shiner Wicked Juicy IPA
  • Hopcellerator IPA
  • The Kind India Pale Ale
  • Hop Knife
  • Indian Summer IPA

Light and Crisp

  • Goldencold Lager
  • Cream Ale Nitro (Nitro) Cream Ale
  • Spiced Saison
  • Coors Light
  • A little Sumpin’ sumpin’ Ale
  • Passion Grass
  • Cali’ Creamin’
  • Fat Tire
  • ‘Pack & Brass IPA
  • Loral Lager
  • Traditional Lager

Malty or Dark

  • Best Brown Ale
  • Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
  • Royal Oil IPA
  • Fat DogStout

Strong and Boozy

  • Moscow Mule Ale
  • Barrel runner IPA
  • Ten FIDY
  • Toes up W/Salted Caramel
  • Tripel Ale
  • Storm King Stout
  • Meaner Squeeze

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of craft beer, or are interested in finding a restaurant in Moosic Pennsylvania that has the beer you’ve been wanting to try, Food & Fire is the right place for you. 

Why Choose Food & Fire Over Other Restaurants in Moosic Pennsylvania?

Simple, fresh ingredients and high-quality equipment combined by the passionate hands of our team to create unique, hand-crafted beer in Moosic Pennsylvania with orchestrating symphonic flavours.  At Food & Fire, you will find-

  • World-class BBQ
  • 48 Fine craft beer varieties
  • Super friendly and fast staff
  • Cosy and comfy ambience
  • Remarkable dining experience
  • Best Prices
  • Highly experienced and skilled Management

Food & Fire is passionate about authentic BBQ and craft beers, and it clearly reflects in their food and beer menu. This restaurant is designed with “BBQ & Beer” lovers in mind. Right from the quality of BBQ to the variety of craft beers in Moosic Pennsylvania, it is all set to impress you with finest taste and quality.

Fun at Food & Fire

We organize different events at our restaurant in Moosic Pennsylvania to entertain and surprise our guests. Some of the popular events are – half price hump day on Wednesdays, all-you-can-eat chicken baskets on Tuesdays, and NFL Game specials.  So, whether you are a foodie, beer lover or a sports enthusiast, we have something for you.

In an addition to having a presence in different Cities, we also offer catering services for events and house parties. If you love what we offer, and want to share that with your party guests, please reach out to us. We will design a menu catered to you and your guests, and ensure that your party will be a success. Feel free to request an online quote for catering.

Food& Fire welcomes you to explore the world of craft beer in Moosic Pennsylvania with us!