Best BBQ in Binghamton New York

Food & Fire Restaurant is renowned for serving the best BBQ in Binghamton New York. We use homemade rubs and sauces to give our BBQ an authentic and unique taste that you won’t find elsewhere. In an addition to the fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, rubs and proven recipes, we smoke our BBQ cuisines “low and slow” with a cherry-hickory blend to ensure you enjoy melt-in-your-mouth BBQ.

At Food & Fire, you will enjoy signature BBQ offerings, influenced by different regional BBQ styles as well as other menu items. In order to create a rich dining experience, we recommend you combine our best BBQ in Binghamton New york with our handcrafted beers. We offer one of the region’s most extensive beer lists, along with featuring the world’s best small batch/craft beers.

Your dining at Food & Fire will be based on world-class service, amazing food, drink and a fun environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you enjoy your visit by helping you choose food and drinks from a menu that fits your taste.

What We Offer

Food & Fire is known for its signature BBQ menu items, and some of them are listed below-

St. Louis Ribs

We generously season our St. Louis-cut square ribs with our homemade rib rub, and smoke it for five hours. You can order ribs either wet or dry. We will add our Kansas city New sauce to make wet ribs, and grill the ribs with additional rib rub if you order dry ribs. This is one of our best selling BBQ items.

Hand-pulled Pork

Our experienced staff rubs pork shoulder with our homemade rub and then cooks it for up to 14 hours. We pull this tender, juicy smoked pork by hand before serving. You can try this with any of our homemade sauces or can enjoy the pork as is. It is the best BBQ in Binghamton New York.

Texas-style Brisket

Our briskets is a customer favorite. We use the whole brisket, rub our homemade brisket rub and cook it “low and slow” for up to 16 hours. We keep a bit of the fat cap intact. We serve it sliced thin with just a touch of our BBQ sauce.

Carolina Smoked Chicken

We dry-rub half chickens with a special combination of spices, then marinate it for several hours. It is then gently smoked and served up.  Our Carolina Smoked chicken is pinkish in colour.

Smoked Turkey

We marinate a bone-in turkey breast overnight with a tangy Bourbon wet rub. After being gently smoked for several hours, it is hand-carved to order. Our smoked turkey is tender and subtly smoked.

Apart from these above-mentioned signature BBQ dishes, we have designed different menus for dinner, lunch and for kids as well.

Our BBQ Menu

We have diversified our menu to handle the taste and demands of all our customers. You can order shareables such as Food & Fire wings, Smokehouse nachos, fried pickles, Jalapeno smoke bombs, sweet bombs, fried green tomatoes, Gator bite tacos-farm-raised, Smokehouse Tots, Sweet potato plank fries and more.

In case, you prefer soup for dinner, you must try our Texas red chili soup that comes with smoked brisket, cheddar, and blue corn chips. You can also try our F &F chili Mac bowl.

To make dinner healthier for you, Food & Fire serves a variety of salads, including Flatbread house salad, the Big Wedge Salad and Tangy Thai Shrimp & Quinoa Salad. You can add a side salad to any of our menu options.

For those who love sandwiches, we have plenty to choose from: house-smoked pulled pork or hand-carved turkey, served with house fries, grilled brioche roll and pickles.  Some other sandwich options are chicken salad wrap, pressed BBQ Cuban, smoked spiedie sandwich, brisket melt and smokehouse veggie melt.

For BBQ lovers, we offer authentic, best BBQ in Binghamton New York cooked ‘low and slow’ and serve directly from the pit. Some of our popular BBQ dishes are Texas-style brisket, hand-pulled pork, smoked chicken, bourbon- smoked turkey, St. Louis Ribs, Food & Fire Meat Lovers Platters, and more.

At Food & Fire, we have a range of burgers such as the Taphouse Burger, Bacon Taphouse Burger, Blue Smoke Burger, Bonfire Burger, Pit Burger, Rise and Swine Burger and many more. We serve our ½ pound burger on brioche, accompanied by fries and house-made pickles.

You will find similar dishes on our lunch menu, except we provider a combo lunch special, where you can choose any two or three meats at a reasonable price. These lunch items are at a special lunch price and are delivered to your table in usually 10 minutes or less to accommodate a busy daytime schedule. You will also find a diverse selection of homemade sides as well at Food & Fire restaurant in Binghamton New York.